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  The Playground Of Terror
Metal Men #8
July 1964
Pencil: Andru
Ink: Esposito

Roll call: Doc Magnus, Platinum, Mercury, Gold, Lead, Iron, Tin

Classic Quote: Platinum; "The robot rides must have turned on them, destroying them"
Laughter and running feet past a single figure sitting like a lonesome young ghost. Timmy is blind and cannot bear to go the Metal Men show as he will be unable to see them. Everyone at the show thinks its fantastic and the metal Men put on a great display.
Timmy The Blind Boy
Tina scans the crowd but cannot see Timmy and feeling sorry for him goes and tracks him down to ask him to come to the show, but when she finds him she realizes he is blind. The rest of the Metal Men and Doc Magnus arrive and Timmy feels them all so that he can 'see' them. With his mother permission Timmy goes to spend the day with the Metal Men. Doc Magnus feels for the boy and goes to the lab to try and develop a compound to restore the boys sight.


Timmy Lifts Off
Meanwhile the Metal Men take Timmy to their rocket and blast off into space for a short ride, but the rocket gets caught in vast cosmic turbulence and Platinum forms a web around Timmy to stop him getting hurt. Eventually the titanic turbulence subsides and the Metal Men realize that they are far from the own galaxy . They land on a planet that has a breathable atmosphere and find a strange deserted planetary amusement park. They enter the roller coaster which suddenly starts up and Timmy is delighted but all of a sudden the roller coaster comes to life and tries to trap them



The Ferris Wheel Attacks

The Metal Men fight their way off but suddenly the next ride attacks them and Iron and Lead form rockets to smash the aerial bombardment. Next the Ferris Wheel attacks and combining skills Mercury, Iron and Lead send it spinning into space.

The Metal Men leading Timmy try to escape the Playground of Terror but as they pass the flash photography display the flash goes off blinding the group. As the Metal Men stumble around helpless the Playground of Terror moves into to destroy them. Timmy takes control of the group and leads them back to the spaceship where the playground approaches them like a tidal wave of terror

The Metal Men Are Blinded

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