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  The Living Sun
Metal Men #7
May 1964
Pencil: Andru
Ink: Esposito

Roll call: Doc Magnus, Platinum, Mercury, Gold, Lead, Iron, Tin

Classic Quote: Doc: "It's the renegade solar prominence an earthly intelligence of oceanic power"
Doc has been working hard in the lab so the Metal Men take him to the beach to relax. Gold notices that the hot sun is burning him and Lead forms a canopy to protect him. Later on in the day Iron, Gold and Tin form a boat to cruise up the river devoted to the Doc.
Platinum throws a pie
But one month later a fantastic fate seizes the inventor of the Metal Men he is controlled by the Solar Brain to destroy himself and the Metal Men are been controlled to form a gun and shoot the Doc. How did this come to pass, after the battle with the Gas Gang #6, Doc was injured and is cared for by Tina until a model visits the Doc and Tina throws a pie in her face with jealousy. Meanwhile as Doc recovers the Metal Men are tracking solar flares for him as part of his experiments. One flare breaks free and is bombarded by cosmic dust, then drenched by a meteor storm and blasted by an exploding star.

Under the bombardment of titanic cosmic energy the solar prominence is moulded in to a fantastic figure. It uses it's power to tare apart a rocket and then uses it to smash another rocket destroying them both. The Metal Men report the incident to the Doc who tells them to track the monster.

At that moment Tin and Tina are out shopping for a new dress and then looking great Tina enters a modelling show and is winning until the Doc gets her disqualified for being a robot. Tina goes ballistic, Tin tries to console her but she runs off into the night.


The Solar Brain Attacks
As Doc emerges from the club his tie-pin tele receiver buzzes him it's Gold telling him that the Solar Brain is again running wild. Doc and Tin race to the lab but a sky scrapper collapses under the Solar Brains effect, Tin tries to save him but gets crushed in the process. Iron collects him and puts him in the rocket as the Metal Men and Doc go to hunt for the Solar Brain. Tina arrives at the launch pad as the rocket takes off sorry she has said bad things to the Doc. She manages to latch on and the Metal Men get her on board. Suddenly a giant meteor races at the space ship and the Doc blows it up using his chain reaction circuit. Gold alerts Doc that the Solar Brain is tearing up a space station .


The Metal Men Backfire

A broadcast comes to the rocket that weapons from all over earth are disappearing, they are been pulled towards a silent planetoid. The Metal Men land and the Solar Brain rips their ship apart and reassembles it. The Metal Men attack and are reduced in size and are rebuilt into a living gun, Docs mind is overwhelmed and he picks up the gun to take his own life. Lead manages to back fire and the gun explodes wrecking the Metal Men. Doc sprints to the rocket and switches on the chain reaction circuit, the unearthly menace reaches it and is destroyed.

Doc puts the Metal Men into the recovery room, Platinum awakens first and tries to kiss  the Doc after a wonderful dream.

The Solar Brain Is Destroyed

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