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  Is this the end of the Metal Men
Metal Men #54
November 1977
Writer: Gerry Conway
Coloring: Liz Berube
Art: Joe Staton

Roll call: Doc Magnus, Platinum, Mercury, Gold, Lead, Iron, Tin, The Green Lantern

Classic Quote: Platinum, "The whole reason I rebelled against the doc because I got sick of him treating me like a robot... a machine
The metal Men want to lead independent lives and develop themselves, they have been to long with Doc Magnus and they agree to leave the facility
Gold pays the rent
At the same time Green Lantern is told by one of the guardians of of Oa that the Missile Men are raping planets for metal and are heading for Earth. The army are angry with Doc Magnus for letting the metal men go, but he explains he has no control over them and there is nothing he can do.
The Metal Men go to Manhattan and as they land a helicopter blows up, the team go into action and saves the passengers, Mercury though cannot do anything to help and he is not a very happy Metal Man. They go and rent an apartment and they are very pleased except except Platinum who realizes she is still a robot and is consoled by Gold

Platinum realizes
she is still a robot
Meanwhile Green Lantern picks up signs of alien activity emanating from the moon, as he approaches the moon he is zapped by a Missile Man but is protected by his power aura, he destroys the Missile Man and disguises himself as one so he can infiltrate the Missile Men meeting. He discovers that the Missile Man leader wishes to be re-united with Tina as his queen (robot z-1 has been after Tins since Metal Men #1) Green lantern leaves the moon to question the Metal Men about the proceedings on the moon

Green Lantern is felled by Iron
But as he lands an invisible stream of energy touches their responsometers and they attack The Green Lantern - who now thinks they are in league with the Missile Men. The battle rages on and eventually Gold defeats Green Lantern, but Lead, Iron, Platinum and mercury are dead and 250,000 miles away on the moon a watching robot laughs

Continued in issue #55

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