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  The Mad Menace of Plutonium Man
Metal Men #45
May 1976
Writer: Steve gerber
Artist: Walt Simonson
Editor: Gerry Conway

Roll call: Doc Magnus, Platinum, Mercury, Gold, Lead, Iron, Tin

Classic Quote: Tin "I w-w-wasn't s-s-strong enough! G-guess I'll always be just a T-T-Tin man"
The Metal Men had to opt for whatever work was available, Tonight we find them on stage attempting to open a safe.
The Safe Opens
Lead is to soft to smash it open, Mercury being a liquid tries to ooze in but the safe is air tight. Tin tries by forming a key but he is to weak and his key bends but it is a good idea so Platinum does the same and the door opens. Lead, Tin and Mercury unload the Gold within and Iron and Gold shed their disguises and the students go wild. The students are invited to ask questions, one asks "What happened to Doc Magnus?" The Metal Men go quiet and at last Tin replies, "we would rather not talk about the Doc".


Insane Doc Magnus
Small wonder, the Docs brain has becomes twisted by the dictator of Karnia and he seeks to destroy everything especially the Metal Men and he is locked within a government mental institution. Although insane he is taken to a facility to create the ultimate Metal Man.

Weeks later the Metal Men are trying to check into a hotel where a gun man bursts in, Iron storms in and a stray bullet hits a guest. The Metal Men disable the gun man but are asked to leave the hotel. Across the city Doc Magnus unveils Plutonium Man a super powerful, super deadly Metal Man. Behind lead glass shielding the project administrator asks for a demo and Plutonium Man goes berserk and breaks free burning his way out of the facility. The administrator turns out to be an agent of Karnia but he did not expect Plutonium Man to be sentient like the Metal Men.


Plutonium Man

The unstoppable element makes his way to Washington where he finds the Metal Men, being partly Doc Magnus Plutonium Man can not suppress his hatred and blasts out at them. Lead forms a shield to stop it's rays but is shred like butter on a grill. Iron attacks and is blinded and then his reaction tapes decay and he is helpless like a drunk blind man. To deflect his rays Mercury slips under him and Gold wraps him up but they can not stop the Plutonium Man. Doc and the project administrator arrive and the agent tries to stop Plutonium Man with steel sheathed slugs which rip into Plutonium Mans innards sundering his fail safe system and he goes critical. Platinum tries to contain the heat as he goes, "china syndrome" melting into the pavement. Tina calls out as she dies "Doc I Still Love You" as Plutonium Man blows up The Doc can not even touch Tina's remains to say goodbye.

Aftermath: After a massive decontamination effort Doc Magnus recovers himself and he decides to rebuild the Metal Men and his life.

The Metal Men are destroyed

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