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  The Beauty Of The Beast
Metal Men #39
Sept 1969
Story & Art: Mike Sekowsky
Ink: George Roussos
Lettering: Milton Snappin

Roll call: Platinum, Mercury, Gold, Lead, Iron, Tin

Classic Quote: Platinum, "I just couldn't have told you that this human you love is actually a robot
Doc Magnus lies in a deep coma, the Metal Men were consigned to destruction, but due to the efforts of Mr Conan they have been saved and changed to be the New Metal Men, free to do their jobs - helping humanity
Tina the Star
Tina has started her new job as a model and film star and is looking gorgeous, Mr Conan calls and tell her and the Metal Men to be on set at Magna Studios at 9.00am. Tina meets the director whilst the Metal Men go about their own specialized business, but Tina's rehearsals go badly and she does know why, little does she knows she is being watched. Later on, on set a scream rings out and Tina's co-star is found dead, Tina is swept off stage by a monster. The police arrive and the Metal Men split up to try to find what happened to Tina, they find nothing. Tina wakes up and is offered food and drink by her abductor but she must not look at him.

He was Hugo Stark a beautiful actor but when a stunt went wrong he was horrifically burnt so he hid in the old studios now re-opened and when he saw Tina he had to have her with him but he does not know he is a robot.


Iron Shield
The police burst in and Hugo knocks them out and throws them downstairs. Iron grasps a policeman's gun to stop him shooting Tina by accident. The Metal Men go after Hugo and tin is  battered Lead is saved by Iron but Hugo has the strength of a bull elephant and gets away with Tina again at last the Metal Men trap him in a corridor.

Hugo Lunges
Tina pleads with the Metal Men not to harm him, the police rush in and Hugo rushes forward and crashes through both police and Metal Men. Hugo knocks over the stage lights and sparks crackle in the old wires causing the set to catch fire. Hugo is trapped and perishes in the inferno and Tina is really upset as she could show Hugo no compassion.

A policeman complains about his gun not firing and Iron realises he has crushed it in the heat of the moment, so Tina distracts the lieutenant while the Metal Men spirit the gun away. Mr Conan appears with news of Doc Magnus and the lieutenant tells Tina there is something odd about her friends.

What does Lieutenant McDonald know?
What does he suspect?
What is the news about Doc Magnus?

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