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  Danger: Doom Dummies
Metal Men #35
Jan 1968
Pencil: Mike Sekowsky
Ink: George Roussos
Story: Robert Kanigher

Roll call: Doc Magnus, Platinum, Mercury, Gold, Lead, Iron, Tin

Classic Quote: Iron; "Here's some more of my back wash Blop-Head"
In a frenzied effort to escape from her pursuer Platinum leaps into a volcano where a hand grabs her. Her pursuer has changed in Volcano Man
Platinum Smacks
He declares his love for her but Tina who is heating up to near melting point slaps him and his grip loosens which enables Tina to slip free from his grasp and she coils into a spring and shoots down the volcano with her admirer just behind her. Meanwhile the rest of the Metal Men attempt to stop the horde of animated show room dummies that the alien villain has bought to life. They are nearly overwhelmed and are forced back into a wax museum where the figures there also come to life and the group are attacked by Captain Blood and other historical figures.


Iron attacks Tin
Iron and the others take blows to the heads which affects their delicate gyroscopes and they wind up attacking each other all except for Gold who slowly manages to restore order as the rest of the groups responsometers slowly come back to normal operations, but by this time the dummies have escaped are are wreaking havoc throughout the city. The Metal Men join with the police to halt the wax tide but even their combined might is not enough and they for up to make a last stand


Volcano Man

At that moment Platinum appears with Volcano Man right behind her. She call to him to help her stop the dummies and he responds to save his love. Heating up in rage he melts the horde of wax dummies. He then closes in to claim Tina who agrees to start a new life with him. Tina leads Volcano Man to the waterfront and jumps into the bay. The love smitten Volcano Man follows her into the icy depths. Platinum quickly moves away from Volcano Man and comes to the surface. The enrages Volcano Man blows himself up with rending rage.

As the Metal Men celebrate the police round them up to place them back into their crypt

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