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  The New Hunted Metal Men
Metal Men #34
Nov 1968
Pencil: Mike Sekowsky
Ink: George Roussos
Story: Robert Kanigher

Roll call: Doc Magnus, Platinum, Mercury, Gold, Lead, Iron, Tin

Classic Quote: Mother "I don't care what everyone else says about you! -- Bless you robot!"
The Metal Men once loved by everyone are now seen as enemies since Doc Magnus gave them their new responsometers, they are cornered by the police when a gigantic bizarre figure appears striking terror into the hearts of the onlookers
Mysterious Stranger
The police shoot at the nocturnal figure but their bullets have no effect, Mercury attacks but is struck down into globules which make the police fall making them think that the Metal Men are against them. A small boy gets to close and Tina rushes to help and passed the child safely back into his mother arms, the mother blesses Tina but the giant figure swears to teach her a lesson that no-one will forget.


Bullets Ricochet
He picks her up to crush her but them realizes her beauty and the tone of her voice and asks her to be his queen, but Tina tells him of Doc being in a coma and that her heart belongs to him. At that moment the fire brigade arrive and try to jet the creature over with water, but he turns it into harmless steam letting it slip that he can only be defeated by a fire so intense that on one on earth could raise it. The inexorable invader turns the hoses back onto the firemen but Gold and Tin have formed a cup and rescue the heroes but Iron accidentally tips them out to quickly and the firemen are injured again making people think that the Metal Men are renegades.

So once again the Metal Men find themselves at the wrong end of police guns and as lead protects from the police gun fire, the bullets ricochet off injuring the police. Mournfully the Metal Men realize that they are not trusted any more and so they head back to the lab back to stasis, Platinum however declares that she is going to stay with the awesome duke.


Platinum Implodes

At the lab a seismograph alarm sounds and Col Magnus why volcanoes all over the roof are registering extreme activity, meanwhile the eerie invader puts the police to sleep and them animates the dummies in a shop windows showing he can raise an army from anywhere. The police are unable to stop the mannequins and so once again the Metal Men are re-activated from their crypt to stop the menace.

Using flame throwers the Metal Men stop the dummies as the eerie creature leads Tina to a strange space vehicle, they fly near an erupting volcano and Tina binds the creature and steers the ship into the heart of the volcano, but from the churning depths a hand stretches from the volcanic furnace

The Metal Men with Flame Throwers

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