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  Destroy The Metal Men
Metal Men #33
Sept 1968
Pencil: Mike Sekowsky
Ink: George Roussos
Story: Robert Kanigher

Roll call: Doc Magnus, Platinum, Mercury, Gold, Lead, Iron, Tin

Classic Quote: Gold "The worlds going crazy! They mean murder!"
The story opens with the Metal Men cornered by the police, who are preparing to attack them with bullets and grenades
Police Attack
Gold tell lead to create a shield and Lead obliges and the rest of the Metal Men take cover, the police continue their assault trying to get to Leads responsometer to bring him down. As they climb up the pleading Lead, Tina circles round via a roof top and scoops up the police in a platinum net. At that moment though a stupendous fearful figure appears crushing police and police cars in its wake.


Colonel Magnus

Instantly Tina hurls herself against the awesome giant fly and lead creates massive mallets to bring the creature Fferka down. Like a toppling oak the invading giant falls under leads blow, but the nightmare is just beginning as when it lands it splits open and an army of flies swarm out, expanding as they appear. Lead and Platinum beat a retreat to find the rest of the Metal Men.

They find them in a alley way hiding from the police that are still intent on hunting them down, just them an armoured car backs up and out gets Col Magnus, Doc Magnus's brother who has tracked them down using a wristwatch radar given by the Doc that is tuned to the Metal Men's impulses. The climb in the back and speed past the unsuspecting police. All of a sudden their route is blocked by a Fferka, they try to drive around but are caught and Fferka declares that they must die as has their own world.

The monster recalls how their own planet had run out of food and they needed to comb the universe for other food supplies and the Earth is perfect for their needs.

Col Magnus accelerates and they manage to break free and take them back to the lab where Doc Magnus lies in a coma, there Col Magnus carries out his brothers last command and in a basement turns of their activators until authorities require them.

Metal Men


48 hours earlier Doc Magnus has given the Metal Men new responsometers to make them more robot like, but as he activates them a flash of energy strikes the Doc rendering him comatose. His brother orders the new Metal Men to attend a giant fire, but as they try to help their new super-strength causes them to tear the fire hoses, Iron then attempts to stop a wall falling it his increased strength makes it fall the wrong way towards the firemen. The Metal leave quickly to avoid the angry firemen and as they do so they try to assist the police but it goes wrong and a police car is wrecked and the villains escape. The police think the group had turned rebel and try to shoot them down.

Cut back to the present and the Metal Men awake having been activated to stop the Fferka giant fly monsters. They race to the scene and are hurled against the power lines, Gold and Platinum being conductive pick up the ripped power cables and charge the fly monsters incinerating them and their spore ship. The fearsome invasion is consumed but instead of applause they are cornered by the police. At the lab Col Magnus waits futilely for their return

The Metal Men are trapped

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