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  The Amazing School For Robots
Metal Men #31
March 1968
Pencil: Kane
Ink: Esposito

Roll call: Doc Magnus, Platinum, Mercury, Gold, Lead, Iron, Tin, "Nameless"

Classic Quote: Mercury "Bah! I need a Muriatic acid shower again"
Iron has been put together for the 29th time and the Doc is getting fed up re-building the Metal Men and so he decided to build a second team of metal Men for Minor Jobs
Days pass and eventually the Metal Men are introduced to their 'substitutes' Silver, Cobalt, Zinc, Osmium, Gallium and Iridium. Platinum is upset that iridium is even more beautiful than she is. In space a new menace plunges to earth, Darzz and evil dictator who's mind has been imprisoned in a protonic bubble. Meanwhile the metal Men train up the new guys and they are impressed by how they perform, Tina however, runs of when she finds iridium flirting with the Doc. Outside by a twist of fate the 'meteorite' lands near Tina and Darzz flatters her into thinking he will make her a queen so being flattered she helps Darzz escape from his prison. Darzz occupies a statue and animates it and the statue tell Platinum how beautiful she is. Tina rushes off to tell the Doc and Darzz occupies and animates a sky scraper and causes chaos in the city. The new Metal Men rush to the scene and Osmium knocks the sky scaper over into a deserted park, Darzz is knocked clear and wants revenge on the Doc so he woos Tina to take him to the lab.

Metal Men Leave
 The Metal Men are infuriated when Doc says that the New Metal Men are better than they so they leave and take up normal jobs in the city. Darzz once in the lab splits his mind into six and takes over the New Metal Men and transforms them into a team of terror


Tina manages to get the Doc clear and they go and round up the original Metal Men, they rush back to the lab where the new Metal Men are making a super gun. Gold dissolves Silver in Acid, Iron smashes the brittle Cobalt, Lead and Mercury overcome Osmium and Gallium while Tin and Nameless crush Zinc. Last of all Platinum melts Iridium in the smelter and Darzz dies, telling Tina as he dies that he really did love her. Doc declares the Metal Men are the first team always in his heart.

First Team

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