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  The Moons Invisible Army
Metal Men #3
Sept 1963
Pencil: Andru
Ink: Esposito

Roll call: Doc Magnus, Platinum, Mercury, Gold, Lead, Iron, Tin

Classic Quote: Platinum; "No pseudo human emotions, only perfect robot reactions
Bombarded by letters Doc Magnus agrees to to bring back Tina (See Issue #2), but it won't be easy as Tina's remains are scattered across the moon after the Nuclear explosion. Doc decides to it would be easier to create a new Tina and as she emerges the Metal Men rush to greet her
The New Platinum
She rebukes them with cold Mechanical derision which subdues even the Doc. Doc decides to take Platinum out in the Jetaway to show here the city, as they fly they are hit by a sudden up draught of air and Doc Magnus tumbles out of the Jetaway. As he falls he call to Platinum to catch him, which she does and he splashes into the river below. But like a true robot she catches him but does not attempt to lift him from the water following his command to the letter. As Doc's vision fades he see Iron and Mercury racing to save him and the temperamental metal pulls him from the water in the nick of time. On the Jetaway a struggle is taking place as the remainder of the Metal Men try to get Platinum to release the Doc. Fighting to retain consciousness Doc command Platinum to release him


The Metal Men Celebrate
Over the lab Doc asks Platinum to jump into a chute which she does without a moments hesitation and she land straight in the smelter. The group head to the moon using the Doc's latest invention the unique 'Through-Force X power' which gets them to the moon with blinding speed. They begin to look for Tina using detectors and as they lose hope, suddenly Tin's detector bleeps and finds traces on Tina which they take back to Earth. In the metal recovery room she awakens and its the old Tina who is lying there and even the grumpy Mercury is secretly pleased.


The Amoeba

Tina goes to make eggs for the Doc but suddenly the eggs grow and expand into a gigantic entity. Doc realizes that micro-organisms have come back to Earth with them and have re-animated in the Earths atmosphere. Doc and Tina race to escape and are joined by the rest of The Metal Men. Lead forms a wall to block the massive Amoeba but he is quickly overwhelmed. Iron then tries to stop the monster and literally starts to smash it to bits but he to is engulfed by the mass. Mercury having been reprimanded by Doc throws himself like a radiator at the mass trying to literally cook it, he holds for a few seconds but is overwhelmed as well. It give the others a chance though to get into the Jetaway where Doc uses the gun mount on the Jetaway to blast the Amoeba.

Out of the smoke appear other forms of Micro-organisms as the Amoeba mutate under the bombardment and knock the Jetaway to the ground. The valiant Tin forms himself in a giant bin and Gold shovels up the Micro-organism army. Using the 'Catapult Space Craft' Tin is launched into space but cosmic rays buckle the image field created by 'Through-Force X power' and they cannot reach the moon so Tin is left in space with the inert Micro-organisms locked inside him

Tin is Released

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