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  The Robot Eater of Metalis 5
Metal Men #29
Jan 1967
Pencil: Andru
Ink: Esposito

Roll call: Doc Magnus, Platinum, Mercury, Gold, Lead, Iron, Tin, Nameless

Classic Quote: Platinum, "All right Doc! If you prefer the company of this... Spindle legged Stargazer"
Doc Magnus goes to study a meteor with the glamorous Dr Garin and the Metal Men go to the Metaldome Sports Stadium where the irate Platinum forms into a Platinum race car
Torgola Assaulted
The others except lead and Mercury transform as well and a fantastic race ensues. Suddenly the new stadium starts to fall down and a giant metal munching robot appears. The Metal Men reform to their normal selves and launch an attack, Iron notices that as they strike the monster he turns deep blue a fraction of a second before their strike hits. Platinum gets caught and only quick thinking by Iron saves her
Metal Men Teleport
The monster announces it name as Torgola and states that it is to strong for the Metal Men and it is a quick as their thoughts. Instantly the Metal Men throw themselves into a gigantic net to trap Torgola. He however breaks the net and pulls Platinum toward him using magnetism rays from his eyes, Tin and Nameless form glasses which block them again saving Tina. To their horror Torgola announces that he has met Doc and swallowed him and his car. To try to save him the intrepid band throws themselves into the monster mouth. It turns out that Torgola is a huge matter transmitter and the group find themselves on an alien planet with Doc Magnus and Dr Garin.

The group head over to a building to see if they can find out some answers as to why and what's happening. The guards try to stop them and lead forms a shield and throws their own blasts at them, destroying them. They into a long metal corridor, a place of sinister shadows and ominous silence , when suddenly a group of even more menacing robots attack. Lead and Iron combine and smash them to pieces.

Suddenly a giant robot appears and the Metal Men prepare to fight, but it is not Torgola but Ethos one of five robots created to collect metal and return it to Metalis 5. Their creator Horbok apologizes for Torgola which is a  rogue robot which does not respond to Horbok though commands. Horbok himself is eons old and was once human but now he has converted himself to metal using a Metalizer which has made him immortal.

Horbok gives Doc Magnus a special ray-gun which will blanket all of Torgola's powers, but before they can leave the governing body of metalis 5 appear threatening to kill Horbok for allowing Torgola to run amok. Doc stuns them with the ray gun and Ethos rockets the group back to earth


Torgola Defeated
Back on earth Torgola is cramming himself with metal as the Metal Men onboard Ethos arrive. Doc prepares to use the ray gun but it fails, so the Metal Men try desperately to contain Torgol's senses, Ethos announces it is a trap and Torgola is luring them to thier deaths, Doc announces he would do anything for another ray gun at which point Dr Garin commands Ethos to teleport her to Metalis 5 to get another ray gun, which he immediately does.

Doc realises that a dangerometer in Torgola protects him by turning parts of his body blue which makes him impervious to attack. So Torgola cannot read their though lead forms a shield and Doc tell the group his plan. Tina binds Torgola whilst Gold plugs his ears, Tin covers his eyes  and lead covers his head. Iron forms giants maces and with all of Torola's dangerometers sensors blanketed he smashes him apart.

Shortly after Ethos re-appears but without Helen Garin  , before they can act Ethos projects an image on a building, it shows a metalized Helen Garin with Horbok. She has fallen in love with Horbok and wants to spend eternity with him

Helen and Horbok

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