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  Fearful Foe from the East
Metal Men #27
Sept 1967
Pencil: Andru
Ink: Esposito

Roll call: Doc Magnus, Platinum, Mercury, Gold, Lead, Iron, Tin, Nameless

Classic Quote: Doc Magnus, "This Platinum robot is animated y a nuclear powered microscopic activator that I call a responsometer!"
A fearful demonstration is taking place before scientists of a hostile foreign country. The modern re-incarnation of Genghis Khan beheads figures of the Metal Men with is laser-beam sword, boasting as he does that no-one will think of destroying the source of the beam which is in the ruby of the handle
Jetaway Falls To Earth
Days later the  Metal Men go to perform for children who have donated to charity and as the take the stage suddenly a fearsome figure with a laser sword takes their heads of, boasting that they are finished and that Doc Magnus will be next. As the children break down in tears, Tina's eyes open as she tell them about how they have been killed before and Doc Magnus has saved them. The story flashed back to the creation of the Metal Men where Doc Magnus is showing of the newly created Metal Men to Colonel Jasper.

A news flash appears on TV about a giant creature attacking the city and the Metal Men including Tina a re sent in to stop the monster. They arrive in the jet-away and Iron forms lead into a large ball and Tin creates a protective coating for the lead ball. Iron hurls them at the creature but its wing flips the ball back into the jet-away bringing back to earth with a crash

Iron & Gold Dead!
Te creature attacks again and Tin tries to block it but is destroyed by a radioactive blast from the creature, lead quickly forms a shield and the Metal Men take cover. Gold throws a lasso around the creature tethered by iron, but the fearsome radioactive beast lifts them off the ground and blasts them where they fall to the sea bed.

The military try to shoot the creature down but fail, so mercury jumps onto the beast hoping to suffocate it, but it does not need to breathe , Tina then jumps over to the creature and binds it and then Lead add a radiation proof layer. The weight proves to much and the beast falls into the ocean where it destroyed, but all the Metal Men were killed as well. But proving his genius Doc Magnus is able to recover the pieces and using the exact formula he used to create them he brings them back to life

Laser Sword Taken

The story moves back to the hall where the Metal Men pick up their heads and place them on their shoulders, however their responsometers are short circuited and that find their heads on the wrong bodies.

Meanwhile in the lab the Fearful Foe attacks Doc Magnus with his laser beam, the Doc manages to dodge the beam and realizes that the ruby in the hilt is the source of the Fearful Foes power. At the moment the muddled up Metal Men arrive. Lead forms up a shield but the laser sword cuts him down as well as Iron, Mercury and Gold. Nameless with Platinum's body reaches out to grab the sword which falls to the floor, where the beam annihilates the Fearsome Foe.

At the unexpected end to the fight happens Doc performs his wizardry of modern science and the Metal Men are restored

Chemo is defeated

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