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  Chemo..The Chemical Menace
Metal Men #25
May 1967
Pencil: Andru
Ink: Esposito

Roll call: Doc Magnus, Platinum, Mercury, Gold, Lead, Iron, Tin, "Nameless"

Classic Quote: Gold "Chemo's here for Tina - to rule beside him - sole inhabitants of an all liquid world - How Horrible!!
In the midst of an experiment to install a responsometer in the Sizzler there is an explosion and metal shards are driven into the Docs heart.
Tina Stays with Doc
Gold operates and Doc is in recovery, the Metal Men vote Gold to be their leader until Doc recovers even though Mercury votes for himself. They take off in the jettaway to patrol the city and in quick succession they foil an armed robbery then save people that are caught on a building that is on fire followed by Tin and Iron saving a drowning man.

Then suddenly on a bridge they sight Chemo a being created by discarded chemicals from experiments that have failed, reformed after their last battle where he wanted Tina to rule beside him sole inhabitants of an all liquid world.


Chemo attacks and Lead forms an umbrella to shield the other Metal Men. They push Chemo into the river while on the jettaway Lead is in a bad way and the Metal Men take him to the metal recovery room. Gold operates on Lead and then goes to see Doc who is recovering well. Tina refuses to leave Doc's side so the Metal Men go without her. Chemo is attacking a ship so Iron changes into a sledgehammer to batter Chemo into the river Sludge as he goes under though Chemo blasts Iron and he to is disabled, still Tina will not leave the Doc. Chemo leaves the seabed and attacks the Statue of Liberty. Tin and Nameless turn to ash to stop Chemo and he slips back into the sea and now Tin and Nameless are also out of action.

Chemo is restrained
Mercury is angry with Gold as he has not had a chance to attack Chemo but Gold tells him its because his time has not yet come. Still Tina will not leave the Doc leaving only Mercury and Gold to stop Chemo who is now attacking a submarine. Using the jettaway Gold and Mercury right the stricken sub. They then save a bathysphere and Mercury gets more and more angry with Gold. At that moment Chemo comes up onto the beach and Mercury lunges at her but gets turned into globules. Gold manages to collect him and dodge Chemo's enraged liquid fire. Chemo manages to grab the jettaway so Gold fly's him to the lab but the smelter is off. Gold swiftly turns into a padlock and locks Chemo's mouth, Tina rushes out and wraps up Chemo who pressurises and blows up. As they go back in Doc is alright and so are the Metal Men in the recovery room.

All's Well As Ends Well

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