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  The Balloon Man Hangs High
Metal Men #24
March 1967
Pencil: Andru
Ink: Esposito

Roll call: Doc Magnus, Platinum, Mercury, Gold, Lead, Iron, Tin, Nameless, Sizzler

Classic Quote: Platinum; "I'd like to make a Mercury Omelette out of you"
At the lab Doc announces that The Sizzler is totally unstable and he needs to work on her responsometer and he asks Gold to stand in for him while he works. Tina is frustrated about the amount of time Doc is spending with the Sizzler and once again winds up arguing with Mercury. Gold takes them all out in the Jetaway to try and calm them down.
Balloon Man Approaches
Suddenly  floating towards them is a life-size inflatable balloon toy man which as they approach rapidly increases in size and lands a blow on the Jetaway which causes it to lose control and plunge towards the ground. Gold takes control and stops the Jetaway in the nick of time. As the Metal Men turn round Balloon Man has disappeared. They go back to the lab where Doc Magnus is still busy with the Sizzler, so the Metal Men relax in the metal briefing room where Nameless attempts to teach Tin to dance. Suddenly the music on the radio is interrupted with news that the Balloon Man has committed a bank robbery. The Metal Men go to confront the menace


Mercury is Defeated
At the city everyone is laughing because of the Balloon Man releasing laughing gas. The Metal Men move in to take him and they too are effected by the gas and start to laugh which allows the villain time to escape. Later on the Metal Men are invited to a charity function for needy children and once there they demonstrate their unique skills to the audience but as the do so the Balloon Man raids the box office and attempts to make away with the takings. The metal Men attempt to stop him but are again foiled this time with black smoke which confuses and blinds the Metal Men.

They decide to split up to catch the Balloon man, the first to spot him is Mercury who becomes a human handcuff to stop the villain but the Balloon Man inflates himself to giant size and mercury cannot hold him. Next up is Iron who catches hold of the thief but quickly the Balloon Man deflates himself and escapes the strongman. He floats over Platinum who changes shape in a spear and she fly straight through the Balloon Man puncturing him, unfortunately he is able to self seal the holes and gets away. Tin and Nameless join forces but again the Balloon Man evades them

Balloon Man is Destroyed

Gold talks tot he team and they decides a different approach. As the Balloon Man robs another bank Gold attaches himself to power lines while Lead contains him and the Balloon Man is vaporized. Back at the lab Doc is still working on the Sizzler and Tina decides that Doc Magnus won't find anything different in Sizzler then he already has in her

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