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  Rage Of The Lizard
Metal Men #23
Pencil: Andru
Ink: Esposito

Roll call: Doc Magnus, Platinum, Mercury, Gold, Lead, Iron, Tin, Nameless

Classic Quote: Lead, "If they want to play games.. I'll change into a demolition ball and do a little wrecking"
Formerly a foe the Sizzler is adopted as mascot by the Metal Men, Tina though is not happy as The Sizzler is in love as well with the now robot Doc Magnus
Iron Protects
Tina doubts the Sizzlers loyalty but she proves her worth by casting up an arm of light and capturing the evil Prof Snakelocks who is still circling the lab in his glider. As the Metal Men congratulate the Sizzler Prof Snakelocks fingers his lapel flower remote control and from hidden compartments inside the glider expanding robot soldiers deploy. Lead throws up a shield  and Tina starts to entangle them. Unoticed Prof Snakelocks launches his second wave of attack with animated shells. Tin tries valiantly to block them but they pierce him and Iron has to form a shield to protect the rest of the group.
Lead breaks Free
Snakelock is defeated and its time for him to go to jail, but as he tries to warn Doc Magnus about how treacherous The Sizzler may be, but as he does so The Sizzler lashes out and transforms Prof Snakelock into a robot. Once a robot Doc Magnus has to concede that the human authorities cannot arrest a robot. The Metal Men lock Snakelocks in a reading room and he is convinced that The Sizzler will still destroy the group in line with his villainous plot.

Meanwhile in a submarine offshore, The Lizard awaits Snakelocks daily report and on failing to hear vows that he will succeed where Snakelocks failed. Later Doc is trying to work but is distracted by Tina flirting with him, this makes The Sizzler jealous and Doc asks Tina to leave, this makes her really upset and she runs off, stating that she will quit the Metal Men forever. Outside the lab The Lizards men lie in wait and they try to capture Tina, she allows herself to be captured so Doc realizes how much he cares for her. The Lizard them tell Platinum to write a note stating that bundles of $10,000 need to be delivered to various places if she is to be released. This is so the metal Men will separate and therefore easier to tackle.

Doc And Tina

Iron arrives at his drop location on a wharf and he is jumped by frogmen, they manage to force iron off the dock and he falls into the sea, But he manages to stand on the bottom and continues the fight. Gold arrives at a graveyard with his ransom and again a gang jumps him, but Gold forms into a molar and smashes the villains. Lead has to go to fairground and gets onto a ride believing Tina may be hidden on it, suddenly the ride starts and goes faster and faster being controlled by gang members. The velocity becomes so great the lead throws himself from the car changing into a wrecking ball smashing the villains, again the hood hopes are dashed. Meanwhile Mercury is in an aquarium  and he shoots up angrily when confronted by armed hoods. They seize his legs and flip him into a shark tank and run off with the money. Mercury though changes into globules to evade the shark and he bounces out of the tank. Arriving at a scrap yard Tin and Nameless are confronted with gunmen, so they combine to form a giant tin can and steamroller the mob at a staggering speed.

last to reach his destination is Doc Magnus, he approaches the armoured car and Platinum springs from the back to warn Doc of a trap. The Lizard orders his men to open fire and Tina leaps in the way of the bullets falling to the floor. Doc Magnus flips and rushes at the killers bringing them to the floor and when the police arrive to arrest the gang, Doc takes Tina to the lab to try and revive her and as he does so Tina snakes her arms around Doc, this makes The Sizzler angry and jealous and she fires a bolt at Doc which returns him to human form. Doc takes her them to Prof Snakelocks and he to is returned to human form, where he is then arrested. 

Is Trouble Brewing?

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