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  Attack of The Sizzler
Metal Men #22
Nov 1966
Pencil: Andru
Ink: Esposito

Roll call: Doc Magnus, Platinum, Mercury, Gold, Lead, Iron, Tin, Nameless

Classic Quote: Prof Snakelocks; "Blitz America into a bowl of Borsch! Ha! Ha! Ha!"
In a country hostile to the United States Prof. Snakelocks unveils his latest invention The Sizzler fashioned from Photo molecular energy siphoned from the Aurora Borealis itself. The least Snakelocks claims the Sizzler can do is to defeat the Metal Men and Doc Magnus.
Prof. Snakelocks Arrives in America

Meanwhile in the exercise room the Metal Men put themselves through their paces, Platinum is not with them though she is outside the lab longing to be with Doc Magnus.

Shortly after under the guise of diplomatic immunity Prof. Snakelock arrives in the USA and in his myriad of suitcases he has miniaturized an army of warrior robots who expand when in contact with air and from his pocket watch springs the Sizzler, whose mission is to blitz America.

The Sizzler
As a Celebrity filled train rushes towards Neon City, the robots stop the train and hold it ransom whilst overhead Prof. Snakelocks masterminds the audacious crime. At that moment the message is received by Doc Magnus on his Spectrem-Tuner, he tells Platinum to gather the rest of the group and meet at the Jetaway. The Metal Men arrive and transform themselves into battle action. They realize their opponents are robots and begin to overwhelm them, however up above unruffled the Professor prepares the Sizzler to attack.

At last from the cloud camouflage the Sizzler attacks with a rain of dazzling bolts which turn the metal Men under a rain of Photonuclear energy into humans, but Doc Magnus is turned into a robot. The Sizzler cuts the attack and the now human Metal Men launch themselves at the star hi-jacking robots but they are easily defeated and the robot Doc is defeated.

Delighted the evil professor and the Sizzler fly off to wreak havoc in the United States

Human Tina & Metal Magnus

The now human Metal Men are being chatted up by the movie stars and the human Platinum is trying to kiss the metal Doc Magnus but he now has no human feeling ad yet again Tina is snubbed.

Meanwhile the Sizzler leaves the Profs. jet and goes in an unexpected twisted to Doc Magnus's lab where he meets Tina. SHe flips out and tries to stop him but he hurls her to the ground. Shortly afterwards the Metal Men arrive in the lab to help the battered Tina. At that moment the Sizzler is approaching Doc Magnus who launches an experimental rubber robot at the Sizzler to fee if it can render him useless, but it fails.

Doc moves into attack but the Sizzler does not attack, and Doc realizes that the Sizzler is a girl and has fallen for him. The Doc runs off as the Metal Men enter the room and the Sizzler showers them in a fountain of dazzling lights and the metal Men return to their metal states. The Metal Men decide to keep the Sizzler as a mascot

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