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  The Plastic Peril
Metal Men #21
Sept 1966
Pencil: Andru
Ink: Esposito

Roll call: Doc Magnus, Platinum, Mercury, Gold, Lead, Iron, Tin, Nameless

Classic Quote: Mercury; "My globules freeze up at the thought of it"
At the lab its a hive of non-activity Doc Magnus is hanging out with his girlfriend and the Metal Men are at a loss as to what to do. They retire to the ready room and read some of the letter from fans from around the country. What they soon pick up on is that they need to interact with other heroes.
The Flash
So shortly the take of into Central City in the Jetaway where they see a squadron of motorcycle marauders running wild in the city, but suddenly a human tornado appears and put paid to the marauders. The tornado turns out to be the Flash, the Metal Men talk to the Flash and he asks "What's new?" and the disgruntled Metal Men reply "Nothing, that's the trouble" The group leave the Flash and continue their travels to look for action and arrive in Gotham City where they see a gangster car smashing through a barrier. before they can assist the Batmobile appears and Batman and Robin deal with the crooks. Batman and Robin wave to the Metal Men as they think they might be sightseeing, but the Metal Men are again left with nothing to do and fly off.

There next stop takes them to Washington DC where they spot Wonder Woman who is being cornered by villainess Paula Von Gunta and her gang. But again before they can react the mighty Amazon uses here bracelets to repel the bullets and defeat the gang. The Metal Men fly back to the lab and consider for a moment throwing themselves into the smelter as they feel of no use to anyone


Prof. Bravo and Ethy
In the yard of the laboratory complex an armoured truck speed in, Platinum snares it and Iron creates a barrier to halt it. From the truck appears Prof Bravo and Ethy a humanoid made of Polyethyleneoids (plastic). The two go to get the loot out of the armoured car but Iron goes to hit them with a giant hammer but under the heat and pressure Ethy becomes several figures. Tim moves in to stop them and forms a giant tennis rocket, but as he hits them they bounce into the Metal Men harder then they have been hit and knock the Metal Men to the floor. The Plastic Gang climb into the back of the armoured car and with Prof Bravo they drive off leaving the Metal Men struggling to their feet.

Once the Metal Men have regained their equilibrium they go into the lab to tell Doc what has been happening but he is still to interested in being with this girlfriend. Gold orders the Metal Men to split up to try and find and battle Prof Bravo and his Plastic Gang. Tina and Gold take the Jetaway and for a moment there is almost the start of romance between them, however Gold tells her to focus and its over before it begins.

Iron catches up with the Plastic Gang first as they rob yet another bank, He tries to punch the plastic member but he bounces, so Iron tires to crush him and again Sty hits him like a giant rubber band. Mercury meets the gang next and slugs Ethy who again splits into several gang members who blast Mercury with Silicone


Lead Battles the Plastic Gang

Tin and Nameless try next but Meth another of the Plastic Gang splits again under Tin's blows, so he tries to shoot them with Tin bullets but they are repelled and fell Tin and his girlfriend.

Lead rumbles up and forms a road block Poly gets out and forms a road covering Lead falls on the slippery, waxy, waterproof light-weight plastic, he gets so giddy that he cannot continue the fight

Gold and Platinum arrive and seeing the metal Men defeated go to study to find a way to beat the Plastic Gang. In the Lab yard the Plastic Gang form up, Iron orders the rest of the Metal Men to contain the gang, while he and Tina ladle molten metal from the smelter onto the Plastic Gang who melt under the intense heat.

Later when Prof Bravo has been handed into the authorities The still hot Tina rushes to break apart Doc Magnus and his girlfriend who are still kissing, to Tina's distress they burst into flame, however Doc appears from the lab, they were cardboard cut outs designed to stop Tina disturbing him.

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