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  Birthday Cake for a Cannibal Robot
Metal Men #20
June 1966
Pencil: Andru
Ink: Esposito

Roll call: Doc Magnus, Platinum, Mercury, Gold, Lead, Iron, Tin, Nameless

Classic Quote: Doc Magnus, "I wonder what rabid villain sent this robot goliath to flatten freedom loving countries like bugs"
The episode opens with the Metal Men sat around the television transfixed by the deeds of Batman and Robin all of them are in awe of the caped crusader, however far away behind the bamboo curtain Dr Yes is also watching. Monitoring every move the Metal Men as he prepares to strike.


Evil Dr Yes
The Metal Men battle and defeat a metal giant and they wonder as to why the creature ran amok, Doc Magnus gets Tin to Hoover up every part of the robot so he can analyse it back at the lab, they are of course unaware that Dr Yes is watching their every move. Doc calls the Jetaway and Iron assists Tin in getting in and they fly back to the lab. Tina is still disturbed by the mad robot although it is in pieces and Doc reminds her again that she is a robot and not a real woman. Once Tin has 'coughed up' Doc gets to work re-assembling the giant robot so he can put in his own responsometer to find out who sent the mechanical giant to stomp America. Dr Yes though is watching and he activates the giant head which swallows Doc Magnus.
Metal Men Get Down
Meanwhile, a cutie comes to date Doc and Tina flips out and the date runs off crying, Mercury gets a slap from Platinum and breaks into globules. Tina goes into the lab to tell Doc Magnus what she thinks and discovers he has gone. The rest of the Metal Men join her and notice that the head is burping, they decide to help the missing Doc out by re-assembling the robot, as they do Dr Yes re-animates the parts and the Metal Men find themselves battling arms and legs. Gold realizes the brain is still active and so he and Iron place in a new responsometer, but the cunning Dr Yes has placed the real responsometer in the giant robots heel and he gloats as to how he will capture the Metal Men.

Gold commands the giant to rise and he does so (controlled by Dr Yes) and the Metal Men lead a parade through the town carried by the giant robot, the crowds flock around the group and the Metal Men get down and groove for the kids who are dazzled by the whirling robots. Tina however is worried about the Doc and so they leave to look for him. Mercury suggests they get the giant to lead them to its maker so Doc will be really proud of them so they command the giant to take them to their creator, Dr Yes obliges and off they set. In China its Dr Yes's birthday and he is to have his batteries re-charged. At the enemy stronghold the metal Men are surprised there are no weapons ranged against them just a giant birthday cake. Mercury suggests they disguise themselves as candles on the cake to to surprise the enemy.


Metal Giant Attacked

Once in the cake however, the robot cuts a slice to eat and the Metal Men are stuck in the icing, but when the robot opens its mouth out fall Doc Magnus, Tina stretches up to stop his fall. Suddenly the Like a massive meteor the robot punches down at the cake, Mercury tries to stop the fist but is bashed, Tin forms a roof over the cake but he to is smashed aside. As the two bashed Metal Men re-form the whole group is snatched up by Dr Yes. Doc Magnus recognizes him as the robot twin of Egg Fu, the oriental egg headed wonder who battled Wonder Woman (issue 158)

Dr Yes reveals his plan and he brain washes the group to hate America and he sends them off to make America realize they cannot trust their heroes. The giant robot takes them to an 'All American day' at a baseball stadium populated with school children. Dr Yes commands the Metal Men to shout "Down with America". The group struggle to resist the evil command and they manage to avoid the evil scheme by short-circuiting their own responsometers. Dr Yes is enraged and commands the metal giant to destroy everything. Suddenly the parts of the Metal Men attack the robot and smash it to bits, from the wreckage Doc Magnus emerges and with the help of the school children collects up the Metal Men's parts and takes them to the lab to be restored

Metal Men Restored

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