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  Robots Of Terror
Metal Men #2
July 1963
Pencil: Andru
Ink: Esposito

Roll call: Doc Magnus, Platinum, Mercury, Gold, Lead, Iron, Tin

Classic Quote: Platinum; "See, I know the latest, The twist, The Mashed Potato, The Hully Gully, The Limbo, The Madison, The Wobble and the Bossa Nova"
The Metal Men stroll down the street and rescue a little girls cat from a tree and as always Platinum and Mercury are bickering. A gangster car races towards them and Tin bravely tries to stop them but is riddled with bullets. Iron steps in and the car is smashed to pieces and the dazed gangsters are led away by the police. Doc asks Iron to take the battered Tin back to the metal recovery room.
Mercury Saves Little Girl
A high wind picks up and brings down a high voltage wire and Lead steps in being a non-conductive metal and makes the area safe. As the group continue their walk a panicked jeweller stops them and explains that his daughter is trapped in his jewel vault, Mercury steps up and uses his unique abilities to slip through the tiny gaps and manages to open the vault door from the inside. Eventually the Metal Men reach their destination the hospital where Colonel Jasper is waiting for them with his wheelchair bound niece who adores the Metal Men. Gold and Platinum entertain her.


Tina Creates Robot Doc
Back at the lab Platinum asks Doc Magnus if she can use his notes to make inventions of her own, Doc tells her no as she may do terrible damage. After Tin has been repaired Tina dances for Doc, but his date appears and mocks Tina as her and the Doc leave. Platinum uses Doc's formulas and creates a Robot Doc Magnus who appears to love Tina, but the experiment has not gone quite right and the Robot Doc acts very erratically endangering people. Tina gets him to the lab where he says he has a surprise for her and shows her a 'new' group of Metal Men, Barium, Aluminium, Calcium, Zirconium, Sodium and Plutonium.

The Metal Men realize the 'new' Doc is an impostor as he grabs Tina and they rush to attack, Sodium transforms himself into a Niagara of explosive foam and Tin only barely manages to close him up. The real Doc contacts the lab and hears what is happening and ditches his date as he rushes back


Lead Is Blinded

As the 'new' Metal Men try to escape Mercury confronts them and is attacked by Aluminium, who slashes Mercury to pieces but is destroyed himself in the process. The Robot Doc Magnus and his gang rush to the jetaway where iron is stopped by Calcium and Lead is defeated by Zirconium. Only Gold is left and he flings himself into gleaming disks but Barium is ready and knocks Gold aside in a fountain of explosions.

Doc arrives with a group of jet bombers but dares not attack the gang as Plutonium would go off with a nuclear explosion. Platinum desperately tries of how to think of how to stop the Robot Doc Magnus. Suddenly she binds them and hooks herself to the Metal Men rocket as it blasts off. Plutonium detonates in space destroying himself the robot Doc and Platinum.

Later, after the Metal Men have been revived Doc declares he will revive Tina if the readers want him too

Shall Platinum Return

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