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  The Man-Horse of Hades
Metal Men #19
May 1966
Pencil: Andru
Ink: Esposito

Roll call: Doc Magnus, Platinum, Mercury, Gold, Lead, Iron, Tin, Nameless

Classic Quote: Doc Magnus, "Sorry Gold! But that crazy, mixed-up Platinum doll scrambled me up to"
At the lab Doc Magnus ponders on how to separate the alloyed Metal Men (#18) but Tina as usual is tying him up in knots declaring her love for him. In the library the Metal Men are finding out some of the quirks of being alloyed together, the formation of gas pockets being one of them


Gussie Dances
Platinum runs off when the Doc tell her, her kisses taste of wet sea weed. The alloyed Metal Men follow them to find them in a park with a teenage girl who is crying because she has been voted by her class mates as the student "least likely to succeed" and no one wants to take her to the prom. Platinum weaves Gussie a platinum dress and Gold creates some gold boots for her. The rest of the Metal Men are frustrated though as in their alloyed state they cannot offer Gussie any help. Platinum comes up with an idea and the Doc shrinks the alloyed Metal Men so the fit around Gussies neck like a necklace
Tina's Fuse Box
Shortly at the prom Gussie is the belle of the ball and all the guys are dancing with her, just then a group of gun men crash the prom to steal the valuables. One of the gun men kisses Tina and she catapults him to the floor. The gang take Gussies necklace and one of them goes to bite it to see if its paste jewellery, suddenly the alloyed Metal Men react and KO the whole group and the Metal Men are rewarded by kisses from the girls. Seeing the Metal Men kissed gives Doc and idea as to how to separate them. Back at the lab he sets up his experiment which involves five beautiful women, Tina flips out and goes to blow her responsometer as she runs away, the Metal Men give chase and catch her just as a giant centaur appears and snatches Tina up declaring that he has found her after centuries of searching. Doc Magnus rushes up and tells the giant centaur that he created Platinum. The centaur ignores him and starts to tell his story



Eons ago in a forest glade the Man-Horse had seen a beautiful young woman being threatened by a serpent, he dashed in and saved her but did not realize that the serpent was in fact Jove the jealous king of the gods who swore revenge on the Man-Horse. As the Nymph and the Man-Horse embraced she turned to stone and he to a giant by the power of Jove. Jove then banishes him to Alpha Centauri where he languishes over his lost love. At last Aphrodite, Goddess of Love reminds Jove of his vow and now that the Man-Horses love is no longer lifeless stone he must be returned to earth to re-claim her. So as the gigantic Man-Horse finished his tale he asks a kiss from Tina, who obliges, but the Man-Horse goes berserk as he realizes that Tina is not a Nymph made of flesh and blood and thinks still that Jove torments him attacks the Metal Men. The group force the creature to the floor, but he has Tina in a death grip and things look bad. Doc races back to the lab to use a prototype accelerator and as the Man-Horse breaks free up races a giant metal female centaur which looks like Tina. The Man-Horse lets goes of Tina and rushes over to Docs new creation and in triumph takes her back to Alpha Centauri. Tina them reminds Doc of the five cuties at the lab and Doc takes the group back to explain. He created five girl beauty robots for the Metal Men who when they kissed used super thermal forces to separate them from their alloyed state, the girls are so beautiful that Tin forgets about Nameless creating yet another problem!

Metal Girlfriends

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