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  The Dinosaur who stayed for Dinner
Metal Men #18
March 1965
Pencil: Andru
Ink: Esposito

Roll call: Doc Magnus, Platinum, Mercury, Gold, Lead, Iron, Tin, "Nameless"

Classic Quote: Doc Magnus "Were late for our benefit show at the ward for violent comic writers"
An incredible metal dinosaur appears in the city hell bent on hunting the metal men. Tina flips out and loses control as she is rejected by The Doc and the Metal Men try to save her after she attacks the dinosaur, they are nearly overwhelmed and forced to retreat.
Tina and Nameless
Being pursued up a building Mercury blames Tina for their current mess - Platinum admits this is the case and remembers what caused it. Nameless wanted to impress Tin and so Platinum takes her for a makeover but Tin still ignores her.

Dinosaurs Dinner
 A few days later Tina receives a bracelet with a dinosaur charm on it, which suddenly grows into a giant robot. The metal Men attack but Tina tell them not to and takes the out for dinner, but after it eats all the pans it tries to eat Tina and The Doc so Lead and Iron attack the dinosaur and knock it out, they go to a benefit function and as they leave the story cuts back to the present as the robot had revived and is now chasing them up the building, its catches them and swallows them. The dinosaur them turns into a rocket ship - where it takes them to an alien planet. Nameless, Tin, Mercury, Lead, Iron and Gold are put into a huge smelter by the dinosaur at the command of a love struck alien robot. Doc is pacified with a gas and he sees a sinister double of himself and android created by the alien robot who transfers his personality to the Doc double and attempts to woo Tina, but she realizes it is not the doc and rejects the android, so the alien robot grafts its mind over the real do, again the alien tries to woo Tina who nearly fall for him but in the end does not. The alien robot leaves the Docs mind and tell the dinosaur to throw both The Doc and Tina into the smelter, just at this moment the Metal Men break free and save them, enraged the alien robot sends in weapons to destroy them but they are no match for the alloyed Metal Men who destroy them all

Blast Off
So the alien tell the dinosaur to drop them into deep space, but because Tina was nice to the dinosaur and had taken him for dinner, he takes them earth instead, Tina kisses the dinosaur and he blasts off to go back home

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