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  I Married A Robot
Metal Men #17
Jan 1966
Pencil: Andru
Ink: Esposito

Roll call: Doc Magnus, Platinum, Mercury, Gold, Lead, Iron, Tin, Nameless

Classic Quote: Member of the public, "By the million Mongolian mysteries, that's a space spider web big enough to capture a whole squadron of jet bombers"
On a small planetoid Doc Magnus stands before a robot priest who asks is he takes the robot next to him to be his wife. Behind them the Metal Men are caught in a web shouting at the Doc not to do it, but Doc Magnus is hypnotized and hears nothing. He says 'Yes' and the priest pronounces them welded, whilst Tina crying watches on.


Aero Car

The tale begins back on earth with the Metal Men strolling down 5th Avenue. They see Doc Magnus out on a date with Vilma. Tina flips and shouts at the Doc that she is better than Vilma, Vilma tells the Doc to defend her and Tina picks up a tray of food and pours it over the Docs head, She starts to cry and the Doc is amazed by her tears, but Vilma is not staying around and tell Magnus to get lost.

Meanwhile Tina stops at a fortune telling machine but its broken and again she cries and Platinum and Mercury argue again, however they are interrupted by a huge space spider web which fills the sky. Platinum lifts Iron and mercury up towards the stricken bombers but as they approach, the web disappears and iron and Mercury tumble back to earth caught at the last moment by Tin and Nameless. Another web appears suddenly and Doc and the gang race in the aero car, but again the web vanishes.

Battle With Spiders
The group head back to the lab as Doc tries to figure out when the next attack will come. Platinum gets out the cook books and makes a magic drink so that Doc Magnus will fall in love with her. As Tina waits for the results the web attacks start again, The group take the new Space Jetaway and race skyward, a web appears and the Doc anxious to track the source crashes the Jetaway into the web - which turns out to be a space portal. The Jetaway lands and on the surface are the Jet Bombers and all the other objects that have been removed from Earth and yet all of them are empty.

The group splits up to find the missing people and ahead they see  a mass of people with the jet pilot bombers shooting back from the group as they are menaced by mechanical spiders. Lead forms a wall to shield the people and the rest of the Metal Men smash the Black Widow robotic spiders. Doc gets all of the people into the Jetaway and launches it via remote control as he and the Metal Men are overcome

The Metal Men are placed into a web and the leader hypnotises the Doc into believing that she is a beautiful woman and not a robot Black Widow and the two are married leaving her free to eat Doc and the Metal Men as her leisure. The rest of the Metal Men as still stranded when a group of male Black Widows come past and flirt with Nameless and Platinum. The girls agree to go with the spiders but are caught in the web and so the love stuck Black Widows dissolve the web .

Black Widow

Suddenly they realize their mistake as the Metal Men attack making scrap of the metal menaces. The last one sends out a telepathic message and more spiders arrive, the group leaves quickly and rush to save the Doc before the Black Widow eats him. They tip her over and take the Doc away as the space Jetaway returns piloted by the bomber pilots, they all rush onboard and flee through a web back to the Earth, Doc is still hypnotized and so Tina kisses telling him that he loves to kiss her Platinum mouth - which he does!

Tina Kisses Doc Magnus

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