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  Revenge of the Rebel Robot
Metal Men #15
Sept 1965
Pencil: Andru
Ink: Esposito

Roll call: Doc Magnus, Platinum, Mercury, Gold, Lead, Iron, Tin

Classic Quote: Gold, "N.U.T.S to B.O.L.T.S thats a good motto"
Sacks of mail surround the Metal Men as they read letter after letter that has arrived at the lab with a suggestion for Tins girlfriend, Mercury gets cross and states she should be called 'Nameless' which sets Platinum and Mercury to arguing again. To help keep the peace Tins girlfriend states she does not mind being called 'Nameless' and so her name is born.


Doc Receives A Death Threat

One of the letters is addressed to Doc Magnus and Tins thinks its from a girlfriend but it is fact a sinister death threat, the letter starts to smoke and Tina thrusts Doc behind Lead as it explodes. Tina is damaged and Doc puts her into the recovery room and he explains to the rest of the group that the organisation behind the threat is called B.O.L.T.S, where upon the Metal Men declare themselves N.U.T.S to B.O.L.T.S

All the incoming is scanned from then on and the Doc receives an invitation to the Mechanical Men Inventors Association and although Iron thinks it a trap, Doc insists on going to flush out B.O.L.T.S. Tina who is now recovered begs Doc to stay but he insists on going alone.

Battle With Rebel Robot
Once there Doc Magnus watches with his fellow scientists the efforts of the others, but one group of robots loses control and Doc rushes to shut them down but they take him prisoner. Outside the civic centre he is greeted by a nightmarish figure who is the head of B.O.L.T.S who declares his intention to destroy the world. Suddenly the Jetaway appears with the Metal Men who have come to save doc but the Rebel Robot fires from his anti-aircraft battery and brings the Jetaway down. Gold forms into a slide quickly and the group slide to the ground but they are nearly seared by the rebel Robots flame thrower. Quickly the Metal Men form into a bolo and Iron throws it at the massive robot and brings it down, before it can react Iron rushes the other robots and smashes them to pieces. The Rebel Robot realizing it has been out fought lays down a smoke screen and escapes.

As they straggle back to the lab Tins and Mercury argue over love and the Doc freaks out and goes on a date, but his mind is still on Platinum and his date ditches him. After arousing himself Doc drives back to the city and straggling the freeway he sees a gigantic figure, Doc drives his car at the Rebel Robot and fires bazookas at it but they do not faze the giant who picks up Docs car and places it inside his frame. He quickly radios the Metal Men to tell them his position. Platinum and Mercury make up and the group minus Nameless  rush towards the giant as it enters a car crushing pound where it places Docs car with Doc inside on a conveyor belt. Tina get caught in the car with Doc as the rest of the Metal Men assault the robot and they too are put on the conveyor belt as it heads to the crusher


Nameless finds that she cannot wait to see how the metal Men are getting on and goes to the crusher and when the Rebel Robot sees her he fall hopelessly in love with her. Nameless declares him mad and tries to escape, she rushes first in a refrigerator car and them she leaps onto the electric fence surrounding the car crushing pound. The Rebel Robot kisses her and due to her being so cold she becomes a super conductor and the Rebel Robot is fried. Aroused by the frantic cries of Tina Nameless manages to shut of the power to the conveyor just in time. Doc, Tina and Nameless get the rest of the group back to the lab where the Doc begins to restore them

The Metal Men Recover

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