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  The Headless Robots
Metal Men #14
July 1965
Pencil: Andru
Ink: Esposito

Roll call: Doc Magnus, Platinum, Mercury, Gold, Lead, Iron, Tin, Nameless

Classic Quote: The liquid orbs of the gurgling giant dripped acidly at his captives
The Metal Men are at the high school of science and the Doc is demonstrating how the Metal Men can take off their heads and still stay in contact with their responsometers. Tin introduces Nameless to the audience
Airliner rescue
When they leave the school in the Jetaway they fly over the ocean and as the Metal Men discuss their future a bolt of energy lashes up and smashes into an airliner. Gold catches the aircraft and Platinum sews on the tail as Iron supports the whole structure. Just then a coast guard vessel approaches the scene and again a bolt of energy burst from the water and slices the ship and continues up towards the Jetaway, Lead leaps to blog the bolt but get badly damaged


Mercury to lead?
They get the plane safely to the airport and the passengers are delighted that they have arrived safely but as the Metal Men reach the lab, Gold, Iron and Tin throw themselves into the smelter so Doc  can rebuild them better then before. Doc manages to stop Tina and Mercury has not jumped as he wants to be leader of the new Metal Men. Before its too late Doc gets the three from the smelter and gets on with repairing them but as he looks at Lead he see something which horrifies him.

Tina and Mercury find Doc in a diving suit and insist on accompanying him as he flies towards the ocean. Again the Jetaway is blasted and the three tumble out, Mercury gets blasted and Doc and Tina plummet towards Chemo who snatches them up.


Chemo's Eyes

Doc recalls as Chemo was created out of countless chemical compounds from failed experiments and how they defeated him in a searing gas jet, only for him to be reformed drop by evil drop by an electrical strike. Doc recalls how they incinerated Chemo the second time they met, but here Chemo is again. Doc looks into Chemo's eyes and see what Chemo intends, burning and smashing all of the Earth to turn it again into a liquid world.

Doc tells Tina Chemo's plans and she and Mercury fly back to the lab and pick up the rest of the Metal Men but they do not have times to put their heads back on, Chemo again blows them from the skies and slices of Tina's and Mercury's head in a chemical blast. As the Metal Men struggles with the wrong heads Chemo blasts them, Tin and Nameless however have the right heads and leap at Chemo and as he blasts them they turn to dust and suffocate the chemical giant.

Back in the lab Doc Magnus fixes the Metal Men and with intense effort manages to repair Tin and Nameless

Chemo is defeated

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