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  Revolt Of The Gas Gang
Metal Men #10
November 1964
Pencil: Andru
Ink: Esposito

Roll call: Doc Magnus, Platinum, Mercury, Gold, Lead, Iron, Tin

Classic Quote: Tin "Doc.. Their juggling rockets.. like they were bowling pins
After their battle with the Robot Juggernauts the metal Men find themselves smelted into a 'hero sandwich'. Doc tells them to wait in the robot recovery room while Tin and he work on a solution to the problem
Melted As one
In the recovery room the hot bloodied Mercury blows a fuse at the wait and the rest of the group are bored. Tina notices a beautiful model entering the lab and Tina is full of jealousy and rushes out and lasso's the beauty to the floor. Doc rushes out and again tell of Tina for acting human. The metal Men agree that Doc prefers the company of humans to themselves. As Doc and the model leave the metal Men decide to take matters into their own hands and decided to go into the smelter, Tin warns them not to do so, as if it were a solution the Doc would have already suggested it. The Metal Men ignore Tin and jump in, meanwhile the Doc is dancing at a supper club, but his mind is on the Metal Men and the model storms off.

Malfunctioning Metal Men
Doc gets to the lab and looks into the smelter, to his horror the Metal Men have transformed again into something unknown and their responsometers are malfunctioning. Doc Magnus tells them to be patient and he will re-assemble them but the Metal men ignore him and smash their way outside. Tin forms into a helicopter and he and the Doc follow the Metal Men to the courtyard and they are amazed to see the Metal Men juggling rockets which explode and stun Doc and Tin, Tina catches them and uses them as a hat pin. At that moment the air force attack the group and the Metal Men form a shield to stop the rockets and as the bombardment commences Tin and Doc manage to escape. At the lab the Doc goes into a room with models of all of the Metal Men's past foes and reluctantly decides to re-build the Gas Gang to stop the out of control group. Doc is in tears at having to destroy his creation but Tin understands.

Frozen And Inflated

In the courtyard the Gas Gang confront the Metal Men and Oxygen sprays them to make the Metal Men super magnetic, Lead manages to bash Oxygen and his falls to pieces and the Metal Men re-group. Chloroform and Carbon Monoxide attack and their effects make the Metal Men attack each other. Carbon Dioxide adds to the attack and the Metal Freeze under his icy shower. Helium then inflates the group to make them light enough to move, Tin is carried away as well refusing to leave his friends, Doc tell Tin to leave them as Helium is radioactive and his effects will make Tin, Lead and Mercury super conductive for electricity. The Metal Men are laid down for smelting, when suddenly the treacherous Gas Gang attack Doc Magnus. Tin smashes a group of light bulbs and electricity flashes through him to the Metal Men who rouse themselves and Tin, Lead and Mercury blast them with lightning and the gang melt and burn away.

Before his swirling vision the Doc see the Metal Men approach and thinks he is done for, but the Metal Men are back to their old selves cured by the electrical charge


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