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  Rain on The Missile Men
Metal Men #1
May 1963
Pencil: Andru
Ink: Esposito

Roll call: Doc Magnus, Platinum, Mercury, Gold, Lead, Iron, Tin

Classic Quote: Z-1 "Eeeeee! That platinum earthling will be mine!"
The metal Men pose for a world special photo shoot outside, the sun beats down on mercury and he shoots upwards, Lead forms into a shield and the temperamental mercury reduces to normal size. Doc Magnus explains to the press that the Metal Men are 'Metal robots equipped with miniature responsometers to respond to every situation science could think of' 
Tina Loves Doc
Platinum teases Doc and he threatens to put her back into he science museum, Tina pleased for him not to do it again and reminds him of what happened last time. Doc Magnus casts his mind back  to leaving Tina at the museum and her crying as he left. The rest of the Metal Men became melancholy so the Doc took them out in the new Jetaway, but as they flew near a giant gas tank meteorite looking objects slammed into it causing it explode and the blast flipped over the Jetaway.


Metal Men Melt
Mercury grabs Doc  and the two shoot upwards towards the Jetaway. Tin bravely tries to block the fire but as he tries to smother it the heat causes him to boil up at his limit of 232 degrees, Lead tries next but the heat is way above his boiling point of 327 degrees Celsius. Gold and Iron link up to try and quell the fire and due to their high melting points they manage to suppress the fire but get badly melted in the process. Doc reforms the four in the robot recovery room and while he and mercury wait the museum calls, Platinum is crying and the public are threatening to riot believing Tina not to be a robot. Once collected the three of them go to the site of the explosion and find metal fragments which have been assembled by machines in space. The Doc's surmise is correct as at that very moment a swarm of Missile Men created by Z-1 smash through a space ship - destination Earth.


Z-1 creates the Missile Men

Back in the past Z-1 was dumped on a planetoid inactive and lay there for centuries until a solar flare re-animated him. Alone he set about creating a queen but only managed to to create replicas of himself. He then scanned the galaxy and by chance came across Tina and declares she will be his queen. His incredible group of Missile Men created by Z-1 approach earth with a small group having gone ahead

This returns us to the present and the photo shoot as Z-1 commands his Missile Men to riddle the Earth. The Metal Men spring into action to stop them, the Doc is the first to fall under the onslaught, followed by Tin and Mercury. Lead, Iron and Gold fight on but are overwhelmed. Doc commands Tina to run  and as she does so, Doc realizes that a single Missile Man changes direction to follow her. Fighting off waves of blackness Doc Magnus fires a magnetizing ray at Z-1  which makes him ultra magnetic and causes his own metal horde to be magnetized to him. Platinum leaps out of the way as the massive metal ball plunges into the sea with Z-1 trapped within.

Once again the Metal Men are placed in the metal recovery room while the doc tells Tina he will replace her 'faulty' responsometer to stop her acting like a real woman

Z-1 is magnetized

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