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  The Day Doc Turned Robot
Metal Men #6
March 1964
Pencil: Andru
Ink: Esposito

Roll call: Doc Magnus, Platinum, Mercury, Gold, Lead, Iron, Tin

Classic Quote: Doc Magnus "Minerals can't weep, anymore than a metal like platinum"
A rocket ship hurtles through space, in the recovery room lie Gold, Mercury, lead and Iron injured after battling the Mammoth Mechanical Queen. The battle was won and now Doc and Tin stand over Tina who is snoring, she wakes to tell Doc of a beautiful dream she has had.
Doc Turns Robot
Suddenly a meteor hits the spaceship and so Doc and Platinum go outside to prise the meteor out of the ships hull, but as the do so another shower approaches and so Tina makes a net to stop them but gets badly melted as she does so - The Doc is distraught. He carries her back inside where they are greeted by the repaired metal Men, Mercury is admonished about making a joke about Tina and realizes how badly hurt she is and he feel bad. Doc operates and they have to wait to see if it is a success. The Doc starts to act strangely and then he changes into a robot due to the cosmic rays. Tina awakens and is delighted Doc is a robot but he has lost all emotion and tells the Metal Men to go about their duties. The Metal Men are not happy with the new Doc and are dismayed when another rocket near by is attacked by a comet comet creature and the Doc tells them to ignore it as they are not life savers.

Lead Makes a Rescue
The Metal Men ignore him and mount a rescue. Lead stops the comet creature but it escapes and both Tin and Mercury fail to stop it. Platinum wraps up the comet creature and Gold turns himself into a silent butler and Iron smashes it flat. Once defeated Iron, Gold and Platinum collect up Lead, Tin and Mercury after Lead lets the rocket ship continue on it's way. Doc is furious with them and tells them they are condemned and will be rebuilt on earth.


The Metal Men Oxidise
Once back on earth the Metal Men lock Doc in his lab as he is not himself. The Metal Men work tirelessly to find a cure for the Doc but to no avail. Suddenly the Doc's lab explodes and out of the wreckage step the Doc and the Gas Gang, created by the Doc to destroy the Metal Men. Chloroform blasts them and they start to topple. Gold grabs Oxygen to get Air but Oxygen makes them oxidise and covered with rust so the Metal Men have to retreat. Attacked by Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide as they retreat.

They stagger into another lab where they are cornered by Helium. Gold manages to attach himself to the labs heat output and using himself as a conductor turns the Gas Gang to steam. But Doc has been heated to and the Metal Men take him to the robot recovery room and low and behold Doc turns back into a human.

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