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  Menace of The Mammoth Robots
Metal Men #5
Jan 1964
Pencil: Andru
Ink: Esposito

Roll call: Doc Magnus, Platinum, Mercury, Gold, Lead, Iron, Tin

Classic Quote: Doc Magnus; "Stop chattering like a woman.. I .. Mean.... like a robot who thinks she is a real woman"
Tin back to normal size (see #4) blasts of leaving the giant Metal Men and Doc trapped in large metal chain vowing to return and help his friends. Doc urges the Metal Men to break the chain but its beyond even their unique abilities
Still Chained Together
Suddenly on the horizon figures far more gigantic than the Metal Men appear on the sinister horizon. Doc tells the group to hide in the sand and Tina chatters on and Doc has to put his hand over her mouth to silence her. The Metal Queen stops having heard something stating that the only way the Metal Men will be free of the chain is to use the key around her neck. Scornful of the Male Robots who pull her along like beasts she continues the hunt. The male robots purposely miss the Metal Men as they hand in the sand and the hunters clang away from them. The queen users a blaster to mark their trail and by mischance it fuses the sand around the Metal Men turning it diamond like. Twinkling in the sun a giant mechanical bird lifts them up and takes them skywards where it is attacked by another mechanical bird. The Metal Men drop into a nest where Iron manages to split the diamond from the inside. Tina and mercury argue and Tina halters the bird in a fury while the rest escape to ground. Gold turns himself into a spool and Iron uses him to wind in Platinum who is still attached to the bird. Lead forms a sledge hammer and Iron uses him to smash the bird apart. Tina throws herself lovingly into the Docs arms


Tin Decides What To Do
Meanwhile in space Tin disobeys Doc Magnus and returns to the planet the Robot Queen fires at the rocket ship but her aim is ruined by the male robots leased to her. She angrily tell them to find the Metal men or be leashed forever. Meanwhile the rocket piloted by Tin is rushing towards the Metal Men and at the moment the effect of the giant food wears off and the Metal Men return to normal size but still they are liked together. Tin manages to steer the rocket ship into a lake and as the gigantic Robot Queen arrives the metal Men leap into the lake after Tin. The rocket is attacked by a giant mechanical crab and the Doc begins to suffocate due to the lack of air. Gold quickly encapsulates the gang in the shape of a golden submarine saving the air breathing human. Lead and Iron form themselves into torpedoes and smash the crab apart.

Blasted By The Queen

As the rocket and sub reach the surface they are caught by the Mechanical Queen who starts to blast at the band. Platinum stretches up and manages to switch off the key around the Queens neck freeing the band from the the chain. Tina swears to do anything to stop the queen rather than begging on their knees for their lives. Hearing this something snaps in the male robots brains and they revolt against the female robots defeating them. They then take the battered Metal Men to the spaceship so they can return to earth

Tin Flies Them Home

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