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  The Bracelet of Doomed Heroes
Metal Men #06
November 1963
Pencil: Andru
Ink: Esposito

Roll call: Doc Magnus, Platinum, Mercury, Gold, Lead, Iron, Tin,

Classic Quote: Gold, "Great blazing smelters! We are been attacked by a giant robot bird ".
Amongst the Sputniks and the rockets of space is a stammering satellite, Tin, a menace filled with the moons most ferocious microbes, all over the world observatories track Tin, while Doc Magnus spends sleepless nights trying to figure out what to do to rescue Tin
Tin is blasted open
From another world Tin is observed by a Tin Queen who wishes the Metal Man Tin by her side and so she sends scientists to recover Tin. Meanwhile on Earth the Metal Men offer to replace Tin but Doc has an idea, transfer the microbes into Lead until the microbes are destroyed and then reassemble Lead.

As the Metal Men arrive on the scene so do the alien scientists who blast Tin open and the microbes escape into space, they then shove out a mechanical hand and capture Tin. Doc decides to still use Lead to capture the microbes which he does. Lead then goes into the Metal Men's spaceship smelter and Doc raises Lead to boiling point (1620 degrees). The microbes are destroyed and Platinum hugs Doc in delight as Lead is reassembled using the wizardry of modern science.

Meanwhile on the alien planet the Amazon queen is terrible angry that Tin is in fact only gnat size compared to her she threatens her scientists to find a way of enlarging Tin.

Metal Men are charmed
The Metal Men land on the planet and Doc orders Platinum to guard the spaceship. As they leave the spaceship they are attacked by a giant metal bird and Tina launches a giant upper cut which saves them and Doc allows her to join them. Suddenly they see a giant tin robot that is also a falconer hunting with the mechanical bird and as the giant hunter lunges at the Metal Men Gold and Iron knock it over. Another giant thinks they are toys and uses a ray gun to immobilise them and turns them into a charm bracelet.

Meanwhile at the palace the Queen annoyed with Tin forces him to eat transforming fruit and as time passes he grows to giant size and loses his stammer and his temper as he smashes the scientists in a rage. As Tin and the Queen celebrate a robot brings in a game (see cover image) for Tin in which he can win the charm bracelet. Tina does not believe that Tin is now evil but he starts toying with them until capture is inevitable, he throws them on the table amidst the transforming fruit and pounds the fruit.

Buzz saw Tin

Suddenly Tin hears Tina's tiny voice and realises what he is doing, the Queen tries to grab the bracelet but Tin turns himself into a giant wheel and like a runaway buzz saw towards the rocket ship. As they near the ship Tin shrinks to normal but the Metal Men and Doc under the influence of the transforming fruit grow to giant size. They place Tin in the rocket and he blasts off as the Metal Men still on the bracelet hide from the robots.

To be continued:

Metal Men run

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