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  Raid of the Skyscraper Robot
Metal Men #13
May 1965
Pencil: Andru
Ink: Esposito

Roll call: Doc Magnus, Platinum, Mercury, Gold, Lead, Iron, Tin

Classic Quote: Tin, "I'm T-T-Tin! Gosh -- You're B-B-Beautiful"
Doc Magnus puts the Metal Men back together again after their epic battle against the Missile Men (Issue #12) and after they are restored we find Tin wandering around the lab by himself as all the other Metal Men are lost in their own thoughts and needs. Tin wanders of into the city and sees a shop which sells DIY robot kits. It gives Tin a thought and he buys up one of the kits


Tin Meets 'Girl'

Back at the lab Tin realizes the kit has not responsometer and so using parts which the Doc has left lying around he constructs the robot. Once finished he stands back wondering why the robot does not respond, when suddenly the robot sits up and Tin realizes she is beautiful he cannot think of a name for her so he takes her to the rest of the Metal Men. Mercury of course is rude and Platinum punches him in the nose for being rude. Lead steps into break them up and Doc Magnus loses his temper with the robots as the robot runs away from the shouting.

Skyscraper Robot
Before Tin can catch up she escapes in the Jetaway Tin quickly forms into a boomerang and Iron throws him towards the Jetaway, but he fall short and Iron throws again even harder and this time Tin overshoots and the DIY robot shoots out her arm to catch him. Tin decides he has had enough and wants to be alone with her. Suddenly on the communicator Doc Magnus appears asking Tin to come back, but he refuses and heads out into space, Mercury for once is racked with guilt and blames himself for the drama.

One by one the Metal Men please with Tin to come back but even though it hurts him he continues onwards until they arrive at a deserted planetoid that has deserted cities on its surface. Looking closely at the surface they see tiny robots are eating the buildings, after a close call they go to a second planetoid but there they see robots fighting each other for the metal in the sky scrapers and as the survivors eat the metal they grow larger and larger. Over the third and last planetoid they see no signs of life and so they land the Jetaway and set out to explore. Suddenly though they come across a giant robot eating buildings. It spies them and chases after them, Tin and the DIY robot change themselves into wheels and race back to the Jetaway with the Skyscraper Robot hot on their heels. Tin launches the Jetaway and they blast away from the surface

Gold Hammers

Tin is appalled as the entire planetoid blasts off after them, Tin in his terror breaks radio silence and calls Doc Magnus as the Planetoid roars towards earth. As it approaches earth the Skyscraper Robot leaps down to Earth and starts to eat the spires of Skyscraper city. Almost at the same moment Doc is lamenting about Tin losing his mind with all the talk of termite robots and a spaceship planetoid. However the metallic menace grazes the car crushing it and Doc Magnus is smashed unconscious. The Metal Men leap from the car to see the ghoulish goliath eating an empty building, Tina wraps herself around it and sends it crashing to the earth while Iron, Mercury, Lead and Gold struggle to hold the Skyscraper Robot down. Gold analyzes the problem and realizes the giant can be beaten by hitting it in hammer form, again and again they strike but to no effect, Tin and the DIY robot arrive, Gold orders them to put a protective coat around Iron and they start to re-hit the brute. Suddenly cracks appear and the Skyscraper Robot falls in pieces to the ground. Tin forms into a can opens and Tina pulls Doc Magnus free from the wreckage of the car. Later back at the lab the group try to think of a name for the new member but fail to reach a conclusion and so the Mercury suggests that the readers think up a name

You Chose her Name

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