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  Shake The Stars
Metal Men #12
March 1965
Pencil: Andru
Ink: Esposito

Roll call: Doc Magnus, Platinum, Mercury, Gold, Lead, Iron, Tin

Classic Quote: Doc Magnus, "Stop it Tina! I can't kiss a robot what would people say!"
The Metal Men make yet another public appearance and the their fans are wooed by them, yet as they leave the army appear and start to shoot at them, quickly lead turns into a shield and takes the blows from the tank shells. Iron makes himself into a chassis and the metal vehicle races away.


Tin Drilled

A military jet fires a spray of missiles at them and Tin tries to stop them but they punch through him but he slows them enough to let Iron stop them.

Hunted and harried the group decide the only way to survive is to split up, the group say emotional farewells and make of in separate directions. Mercury races through the city and comes across iron who does respond to his greeting instead iron attacks Mercury smashing him to a million bits

Mercury Molar
Go back a while and as the Metal Men fly in the Jetaway from space hurtles towards them missile taking photographs with startling clarity (Metal Men #7). Meanwhile on a secret space station sinister robot scientists watch thinking that the Metal Men are unaware of the probe, but as it swings in closer to the Jetaway the Metal Men spring into action. Tin tries first but is overcome, Mercury stops the Missile but a second Missile man detaches itself  and continues onwards, Iron and lead trap it but yet another section continues and Platinum binds it up and they manage to take control of the Missile Man and Iron carries it for analysis into Doc Magnus's lab

The Missile Men still continue to watch and realizing how powerful the Metal Men and Doc Magnus are the set the captured Missile Man to explode, Doc realizes that something is wrong and he shoves the Metal Men out of the lab just as the Missile Man explodes. Watching from the hidden camera that survived the blast the Missile Men decide on an even more fiendish plan that will turn the Metal Men against each other and the world against the Metal Men

Destroy The City

In their eerie laboratory the Missile Men create duplicates of the 'humans' using their photographs. Meanwhile Doc is nursed back to health by his anxious Platinum nurse as the humanoid Metal Men are released by a Rocket Man to remove any trace of its origin. Then in the first act of destruction the replicas attack and smash a dirigible from their they smash ships and pull down bridges. As the real Metal Men return to the city they find themselves targets of the armed forces.

We cut back to the present and find the broken Mercury warning the rest of the Metal Men about 'Iron' as the rest of the 'Metal Men' approach. Mercury throws himself under the alien group and they stumble giving the real Metal Men time to react. The 'Metal Men' throws themselves at the real Metal Men but are defeated by the shattering blows dealt to them. As the last 'Metal Man' falls a rain on Missile Men approach. The Metal Men try to stop them as Tins tries to escape with Doc but she is felled. Doc refuses to leave and the metal Men are in danger of being overwhelmed. Tin and Mercury and Gold fuse with Iron to make a giant magnet and the Missile Men are drawn to the fused being. Iron races to a giant gas storage tank which blows up destroying the Missile Men and the Metal Men totally.

Doc and Tina search for all of the pieces of the valiant group and take them to the metal recovery room to try and attempt to bring them back to life

Magnetic Alloy

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