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  The Floating Furies
Metal Men #11
Jan 1965
Pencil: Andru
Ink: Esposito

Roll call: Doc Magnus, Platinum, Mercury, Gold, Lead, Iron, Tin, Nameless

Classic Quote: Floating Fury, "I picked up your telepathic SOS Queen of the Floating Furies! Who dared to net you!"
Yet again Mercury and Platinum are arguing over Platinum's infatuation over the doc who has pinned a note outside the lab telling Tina to stay out. Yet again she ignores the warning and goes into the lab where the Doc tells her that he is building a replacement responsometer


Metal Men Boat
Doc and Gold perform the operation and Platinum awakes in love with Gold, Doc is upset that Platinum is still mal-functioning and misses his date for the night, The group take the Jetaway to the beach where Gold feels very awkward with the attention Platinum is giving him. Tin seeking to makes things better suggests they go for a sail and between them the Metal Men form a boat and launch into the high seas

Ahead a sinister floating ball awaits them with its attention fixed on Gold and using unknown powers draws the sail boat into the deep. The Floating Fury draws them deeper and the Metal dis-assemble, Tin creates a diving bell and he and Mercury take Doc Magnus to the safety of the surface. Iron is held fast by the Fury and Platinum launches attack on the female Floating Fury.


Floating Furies
Gold lets himself dissolve and it enables him to escape the Furies grasp and Iron forms a pan into which Gold floats. Iron then becomes a torpedo to race away with Gold. At that moment a male Floating Fury appears and is stunned by Platinum's beauty, the queen Fury shouts with thunderous rage at the male who has dared to call Platinum beautiful giving Tina a chance to escape.

The queen vows to recapture Gold and visits Neptune the King of the seas to ask permission to re capture Gold which he agrees to and goes further vowing that every living creature and the waters themselves will aid the Floating Fury. Upwards the dread fury races and calls upon a school of sharks to form a living harpoon.

Monstrous Waterspout

Up on the surface the metal Men are flouting on Tin whilst the others revive the Doc. The Floating Fury hurls the fantastic harpoon at the Metal men and Tin tries to stop it but is bested, Iron steps in and Iron defeats the shark harpoon. Refusing to be beaten the fury call the sea to form a tidal wave this time gold forms metal disks and Iron hurls the disc with the other Metal Men and Doc on them far away, Iron though himself is bested by the Fury and slowly slips to the ocean floor to rust away. Up on the beach a giant crab grasps the group but Lead and Platinum forge into a spectacular undersea gun that forces the crab to release the rest of the group and they make their escape in the Jetaway . But the Fury causes rain and storm and the Metal Men are lifted bodily back to the ocean to be transferred into a giant waterspout. Lead anchors himself to a rock and the Metal Men form a chain to save Doc. Platinum raises her hands high into the storm and a bolt of lightening shoots through her to the Floating Fury who explode. The seas calm down and the Metal Men recover Iron and take him to the lab for repairs, Tina needs repairs as well because of the blast and as she awakens she looks dreamily at the Doc, things are back to normal

Iron And Tina Are Restored

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