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  The Robot Juggernauts
Metal Men #9
Sept 1964
Pencil: Andru
Ink: Esposito

Roll call: Doc Magnus, Platinum, Mercury, Gold, Lead, Iron, Tin, Nameless

Classic Quote: Metal Juggernaut "Whhrrnngg, Demon Space has sent us a new sacrifice for our graveyard Whhrrnngg"
On a sinister planet runaway rides of a deserted playground of terror bolt in mechanical fury, stumbling away the blind Metal Men are led away by a blind teenage boy. He guides then unerringly to the rocket ship and Iron lifts them all in
Billy Takes Off
An inhuman horde catches up with the rocket ship and try to prevent it from taking off, Mercury is furious they are trusting their fate to a blind boy but the other cool him down as Billy takes off. The metal monsters outside start to melt and fall off as the friction heats them up. Suddenly when they reach open space they are whirled around like straw in a hurricane


Billy can See
Meanwhile on earth Doc Magnus realizes that no chemical on earth can restore Billy's sight. Meanwhile the rocket ship plummets out of control towards a planet that is home to the Robot Juggernauts. Billy manages to land the rocket and the Metal Men get to their feet but Mercury has been smashed to bits by the fall. The Metal Men collect him in buckets and head outside

. Outside the metal Men's vision slowly returns and they see the Robot Juggernauts advancing on them. Tina whisks the Metal Men away and even more of mercury is spilt. The Metal Juggernauts take the rocket ship away to sacrifice it thinking it is alive. Mercury wants to run away but the rest of the Metal Men want to fight. It starts to rain chemicals and Billy's eyesight is restored!

Metal Juggernaut

Suddenly a metal animal leaps at the group and Lead, Iron and Tin crush the beast. On the horizon the Metal Men see the rocket ship but advancing on them is a metal Juggernaut. The metal Men leap to attack but the Juggernaut is magnetic and they are stuck to the creature which turns out to made of rollers and crushes the Metal Men into discs, Tin manages to escape with Billy as the Metal Men are taken away to the cooking pot along with the rocket.

They are thrown into the pot where the Metal Men fuse into a giant alloy. They emerge from the pot in giant size and smash the Robot Juggernauts into pieces. The rocket ship takes off and Billy's eyesight fades again and he is distraught. Just then the ship passes through the tail of a comet and the metal Men shield Billy from the dangerous radiation. They land on earth and Doc Magnus comes to greet the group and he is delighted when he realizes that the cosmic rays have restored Billy's sight permanently

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