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The metal Men have had a wide range of foes throughout their illustrious career but some have made repeated attempts to topple the Metal Men and some of them are celebrated here in these pages, every one is a classic
Wanted Dead Not Alive #34
Mysterious Stranger
Destroy the Metal Men #33
Fferka Killer Fly
Female Amazon Robots #32
Attempt to take over the Earth
Terrors of the Forbidden Dimension #30
King Dymond tricks the Metal Men
Robot Eater of Metalis 5 #29
Torgola the giant metal eater
Fearful Foe #27
Laser sword wielding killer
The Metal Mods #26
The Metal Mods capture Platinum
The Lizard #23
He takes over where Snakelocks left off
Prof. Snakelocks & The Sizzler #22
Snakelocks attempts to destroy the Metal Men
Prof. Bravo #21
Plastic Gang seek to destroy the Metal Men
Dr. Yes vs Metal Men #20
Destroy America is his plan
Man-Horse of Hades #19
Looking for his eternal love
Black Widow Robot #17
Marries the Doc to eat him
The Rebel Robot #15
Out to destroy the world
Skyscraper Robot #13
Building munching monster
Floating Furies #9
Animated mines of fury
Robot Juggernauts #9
Mechanical Cannibals
Volcano Man #35
A love smitten man made of living magma
The Playground of Terror #8
An  amusement park of murderous intent
The Balloon Man #24
A gaseous villain of evil intent

The Missile Men #1 #12 #54
An evil race of robots created by their leader Z-1 bent of mastery of the galaxy and marrying Platinum
Robots of Terror #2
Evil robot Doc Magnus created by Tina with his robot terrors, Barium, Aluminium, Calcium, Zirconium, Sodium and Plutonium
The Moons Invisible Army #3
Deadly Micro-organisms threaten to engulf the world

The Gas Gang #6 #10
Created by Robot Doc Magnus to destroy the Metal Men, Oxygen, Helium, Chloroform, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide
Termite Robots #16
Mechanical Scavengers looking for fodder
Plutonium Man #45
The Ultimate Metal Man, Plutonium
Amazon Tin Queen #04 #05
Giant Tin Robots, whose queen lusts after Tin
Darrzz #31
Disembodied alien intelligence alongside Silver, Cobalt, Osmium, Gallium and Iridium
Chemo #14 #25
Giant Chemical Being created from chemical waste, who lusts after Tina
Solar Brain #7
Rogue Solar Prominence with evil intelligence
Hugo Stark #39
The Beast Who Loved Platinum
The Leader of the Leopard Gang #28
Gun toting gangster ready to do anything to get money!


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