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One of things I loved as much as the stories and the artwork was the fantastic range of truly odd adverts that were displayed in the comics, especially in the older issues from the 1960's. There was also a public service advert from the National Social Welfare Assembly - now beautifully politically incorrect. Some of my favourites are shown here below, these images are pretty large so apologies to our 56k cousins

Missile Attack

Public Information Advert

Public Infmormation Advert

Build muscles fast!

Americas greatest present

Fab model cars

Here comes the bride

High School Dropouts

Polaris Nuclear Sub

Public Service in co-operation with the juvenile justice department

Beer Wagon

The Golden Rule

Smoking is for Losers

Captain Action

Get prizes

Free Trip Around the World

Good Neighbours

Happy Hobby


G.I Joe

Big Franke

Summer At Home




The Policeman is your friend


Horror Kit

Tank Trap


Get Smart

Hot Wheels

More Hot Wheels

Cheerios Kid



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